Dreams Do Come True

Piggybacking on the reflection post, I thought I’d take a moment to count my blessings.  There are some things that I dreamed about and thought would never happen, but did. And some that were never a consideration, but turned out to be wonderful experiences.

MP900341752First up is Hawaii.  As a child, I saw visions of a tropical paradise on shows like Fantasy Island, Magnum P.I., The Jeffersons, and even Sanford & Son.  Through the screen, I could feel the warmth of the sun, see the beauty of the blue skies and colorful flowers, and feel the sand between my toes.  And although I was too young, I wanted to try those umbrella drinks in the coconuts. Yum!!!

For a country bumpkin like me, these shows provided a dream that I really didn’t think would happen.  Then in 2008, God opened a door.  One of the organizations, for which I was a member, decided to have its annual conference in Honolulu.   The organization negotiated discounts with hotels and transportation agencies, and after calculating the cost, this was a deal of a lifetime for me.  I didn’t hesitate to get the time off from work and register for the conference.   <<Cue happy dance music while I do cartwheels in my head>>

Once in Honolulu, my activity plans were to: (1) attend at least one meeting per day to satisfy the conference requirement, (2) walk up/down Diamond Head, (3) lay on the beach, (4) have a spa day, (4) see a show, and (5) visit non-touristy areas.  And guess what, I accomplished it all.  The weather was phenomenal (even the few times it rained), and people were exceptionally friendly in tourist and non-tourist areas.  I had such a wonderful time, that I want to visit again.

Second, I used to stay with my grandmother while my mom went to school and father worked.  We’d spend hours watching soaps and game shows.  Family Feud was my favorite.   I loved Richard Dawson and those Tootsie Pop suckers.  I wanted to be on the show, but once again, I was too young.  On top of that, I didn’t think my family would be interested.

Thirty-five years later, my family and I tried out for Family Feud with Steve Harvey.  We made it to the audition, but didn’t get picked for the show.  Regardless, we had a lot of fun making our video, and then getting to the audition and hearing the hilarious answers to the questions (including mine about red panties – don’t ask…lol).  I even had an opportunity to view a taping.  That was a blast too.

Third (and most unexpected), I moved to Atlanta in 2000.  I never thought in a million years that I’d ever leave Virginia.  I had no family in Georgia and only knew a couple of people.  All in all, I’ve achieved a lot here – finished two degrees, bought a home,  developed a closer relationship with God, and got married.  I don’t think these things would have happened if I had stayed in Virginia.

While this may seem like a short list of achievements, there are so many more that I could write about.  I am grateful for them all.


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