Is That a Reflection I See???

ImageThe last couple of months have been the most reflective for me when it comes to life and death.  No I’m contemplating suicide or anything like that.  I’ve had 3 classmates to pass away.  The first two within days of each other and the most recent this past week.  Each either didn’t  make it to 40 or barely did.

And then today as I drove to work, I sat at a traffic light for what seemed like forever.  It wasn’t an accident or construction, it was due to a lengthy funeral procession.  I wasn’t annoyed by the delay, just in awe.  There had to be at least 100-150 cars in the procession, with most having at least 2-3 people.  To me that’s a lot of love and respect being shown.  Whoever the individual was, they mattered and this made me stop to reflect on my life, legacy, and relationships.  Would there be a similar experience when I’m gone or will I be a temporary memory?  What difference have I made in this world or with others?  Have I really accomplished my goals? Since my big 4-0 is coming up in less than 6 months, and after recent events, I’ve been thinking a lot about things that happened in my past and those that I regret not following through with.  Up to now, I had prided myself in being a determined individual who did what she wanted so that there would not be feelings of remorse or missing out.  Well, I’ve done ok for the most part, but there are some things that are still unresolved.  While I can’t go back in time and do or undo anything, the good thing is that I can take what I recognize and do something about it.  So I’ve created a bucket list of items (in no particular order) that I’d like to enjoy and complete during my 40th year – God willing 🙂  Some I’m working on now, but others will take some research and planning to get done.

Without further ado, here’s my list…

  • Have a novel published
  • Trip to LA – (been there plenty of times but always for business. this time will focus on shopping for fabric in the fashion district, hangout in celeb spots, see non-touristy things)
  • Going to the Kentucky Derby (ever since Pretty Woman I’ve wanted to go)
  • Visit the Western Mediterranean (Barcelona, Spain, Monaco France, Venice, Italy)
  • Learn how to swim
  • Get my weight down to high school weight (166 lbs) – don’t ask what I am now 😉
  • Do a split
  • Improve my relationships

So, what’s on your bucket list?


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5 thoughts on “Is That a Reflection I See???

  1. Keep on writing new novels and respecting the creative process.

    Opening up various businesses besides my publishing company that I’m starting up.

    Travel to Hong Kong and to different cities in Brazil; as well as England, Italy, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Germany.

    Stay consistent and dedicated with my clean eating and training.

    Learn how to swim and get my drivers license.

    Just to name a few of many more, which I will accomplish and complete thoroughly.

      1. Thank you for the compliment. Ladies Prism is coming May 15th. Keep an eye out for it. Scotian Breeze is the movement. Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the company. History in the making; stay tuned.

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