Why I Write

Writing has been a part of my life since the days of amateur scribbling on wide-lined paper and super huge pencils.  Something about writing back then made me feel empowered.  Or maybe it just made me feel grown like the big kids.  Either way I liked it.

diary_w_lockMy first real experience writing about  my thoughts and feelings was around age 10.  I had seen a crimson red diary with a shiny gold lock and key in the local discount store.  I wanted it.  I never told my mother, but I suspected she knew when I’d traipse off to the school supply area and she’d find me there  starring at this little book.  Sure enough, for my 10th birthday I got the diary.  I immediately started writing about whatever was significant at the time (maybe cartoons or whatever teen celeb I had a crush on).  I was excited and made it my business to make sure that each date listed had an entry.   I wish I had that diary now.  Unfortunately it was lost when my family moved years ago.  It would be interesting to read about the things that seemed so important then.

In 7th grade, my teacher wanted to kill two birds with one stone.  We had to maintain a journal.   Each week she’d give us a topic to think about or something to do and then write about it.  And each week she’d grade it.  Her purpose was to strengthen our grammar while teaching us country bumpkins  how to communicate our imaginations.   This was easy and fun on most occasions, but when the assignment called for talking about feelings, it gave me pause.  I could write about it in my little diary, but not for anyone’s eyes.  I eventually got over it, and thankful now for that experience.

Throughout the years, I have completed a lot of writings.  Articles for school,  reports for work, personal blogs and journals, and even a script for a childrens’ play.  I never considered myself a writer until recently.  Not sure why.  Maybe because the first thing that comes to mind is authors and novelists.   I’m neither of those…..yet.  Writing has given me a way to vent my frustrations, talk to God, keep a memoir of my happy times, and document the thousands of ideas and random thoughts that I just don’t want to lose.   My writing, in a way, is like a best friend –  listening to my stories, knowing my secrets, and not judging me in return.

My hopes are to successfully publish at least one book.  I’ve got some things in the works.  For the time being, I’ll continue to enjoy “freeing my mind” and exploring the creative ideas that this brain and imagination will allow.


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5 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. I only discovered writing when I started my blog, on the spur of the moment about 18 months ago, before that I wouldn’t even write letters without cajoling. Now I’m completely hooked and I’d love a job writing, but with no formal qualifications in the field I’m at a disadvantage. Unfortunately I have neither the time or money to gain any, but I love blogging so that’ll have to do until I get some sort of flash of inspiration.

    1. Thank you for sharing. Writing can be a lot of fun because of the creative thoughts, feelings, and energy it provides. My writing was more private ramblings before, but like you, I’m enjoying blogging and reading about the life and reflections of others.

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