Land of I Can’t


You’ve probably heard of the land of I Can’t.  It’s  near IwishIhadadone and on the other side of Wouldacouldashoulda.  The citizens of I Can’t are known to be frowned up, looking down on the inhabitants of the City of Dreams.  They often tell them what they can and can not do, should or should not accomplish.  There’s a lot of opinion in I Can’t – and most of it is on the negative side.

In contrast, the City of Dreams is filled with hope, determination, drive, and if you look carefully, you’ll see hardhats on its residents because they’re always working towards a goal.  And even when negativity is shoveled their way, the Dreamers will take the blows, keep on moving, and even try to inspire and motivate the I Can’ts.

So if you find yourself unhappy in the land of I Can’t, try renting a moving van from a place called Change located at the corner of Open Mind and No Regrets.  You might find joy, excitement, and fulfillment in your move to the City of Dreams.

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