MD’s Top 7 Memorable Moments of 2013

MP900309664As the days count down towards 2014, I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to reflect on the memories and events of 2013.  While there were many, I’ll keep the list simple and mention the top 7 that have had the greater affect on me.

1.  39th Birthday

Ask most teenagers about the age 40 and they will tell you that’s old.  And I must admit that back then I thought that too.  It’s amazing how the perspective changes as we grow older.  Now 40 seems young with a lot of life ahead.

To commemorate the close of my 30s, I didn’t want a big party or anything lavish.  Instead I wanted relaxation.  Just doing something that made me feel good.  The big day was celebrated with a wonderful spa massage, an excellent Mexican meal, and concluded with watching back-to-back movies. 

The next day I went to a nearby park to write.  The scenery was so beautiful.  A blue sky so warm and crisp that it looked like a postcard.  The grass even had the most magnificent color of green with hints of yellow dandelions here and there.  It was so moving that it made me feel that God decided to give me an extra birthday gift. All in all, I’m ready for 40 and plan to celebrate for 365 days. 🙂

2.  It’s so Hard to Say Goodbye

I’ve lost loved ones before, but usually it was older relatives or friends of the family.  One of the hardest losses for me this year was of a childhood friend.  When the year unfolded, it seemed that he had a slight cold, and within a few months, he was gone.  The last time we spoke, he actually was defending my honor.  That’s the type of person he was.  A true friend through and through.  I will certainly miss him.

3.  Finding my true love….writing

Some of the love stories we read about tell of a little boy and girl who used to play together.  They dated in high school, but ended up parting ways.  Many years and experiences later, they cross paths only to realize that they were meant to be together all along.  Writing is like that for me.

I’ve worked in the technology field most of my life and even dabbled in mental health for a short time.  While I enjoyed both, something was still missing.  It would not be until I had a vivid dream, that I would realize the thing that really made me happy.  And here I am.  With a blog and working on material for a book.

4.  Kevin Hart and Steve Harvey

Some folks love them to death and others could care less.  For me, these two have been inspiring.  “How so?” you may ask. Well, here’s my response.  Just about everywhere you turn, you will see or hear something about Kevin Hart or Steve Harvey.  Whether it’s radio or tv, movies or books, and even social media, you will come across their names because they always have something going on.  At first, I thought it was overkill.  Then I realized their strategy.  They are keeping themselves in the forefront for as long as possible so that when the fickleness of the industry hits, they will be prepared financially and can “retire” on their own terms.  Can’t get mad at that.

5.  The Hip-Hop Mayor

The first time I heard about Kwame Kilpatrick was from a friend of mine around 2000.  He was living in Atlanta, but born and raised in Detroit. I remember him being so excited about the fact that this young, black man would be mayor and that he could turn the city around for the better.  Even though I’m not from Detroit, somehow I still had a sense of pride that someone of my generation could make history.  And after hearing Kilpatrick speak a few times, I felt he was on the road for greatness.

I’m not going to get into all the journalistic and legal info.  That’s not the purpose, and I’m not going to judge.  However, I am disappointed by the turn of events rumored or real.  I’m in awe and disbelief that he received 28 years.  I figured he would get some time – maybe 10-12 years.  Never in a million years would I have guessed that a politician would get that much time unless he committed murder. All in all, this case has been an eye-opener for many that life can change quickly.

6.  Every surgery is serious business

Hearing the story about the little girl in California, Jahi McMath, breaks my heart.  No one would have suspected that a 13-year-old would go in for a routine operation and wind up on life support.  I can understand the position of the family as well as the hospital, so I know it’s a hard pill to swallow for all involved (no pun intended).

Choosing whether to pull the plug or sit and hope that circumstances will change for the better, is a hard decision.  I have witnessed it twice.  In both instances, family members had feelings of guilt and grief about making a choice to end someone’s life or keep the person connected not really sure if doing so caused more suffering for them.  My heart and prayers are extended to the McMath family.

7. Generation ?

From Big Freedia to Miley Cyrus, twerking has become largely known this year.  The sad thing is that twerking has been around since my high school days back in the 90s, but didn’t get much notoriety until the infamous MTV Video Music Awards.  Now, you’ll find everybody and their mama on YouTube trying to twerk.

And who could forget about the red nose dance.  The name alone sounds innocent, but it’s far from it.  I’m saddened at the fact that most of the folks doing this dance appear to be under the age of 16.  The younger generation is getting more and more over-sexualized.

Let’s not overlook the knockout game.  Right off the bat I knew it had to be about one person punching another, but I thought it was something amongst friends like the guys on the Jack Ass movies.  Boy was I wrong.  In a recent news story, someone punched an elderly individual (I believe at random) as a part of this game.  What the ????

I was young once too, and I remember older individuals thinking the things we did were the worst things on earth.  But honestly, I don’t recall anything we did injuring another person or taking our minds and bodies to places so exotic or extreme at such young ages.  I shake my head at some of the youth of today, but I won’t label all.  There truly are some young folks that are on the right track and handling themselves positively and productively.

Honorable Mention

Two of the most memorable commercials this year are Geico’s “Hump Day“, and VitaminWater’s “Duck, Duck, Goose“.  Whenever Wednesday comes around, you can rest assured that someone somewhere is mimicking the voice of the camel saying “Hump Day”.  And with VitaminWater’s commercial, it takes me back to playtime in kindergarten when my classmates and I would sit in a circle, waiting to see who’d get bopped on the head as the goose.  Lol.

These are just a few of my memories for 2013.  What’s yours?

Happy New Year, Melanie Dawnn

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2 thoughts on “MD’s Top 7 Memorable Moments of 2013

    1. Funny you mention the Cosby Show. I was thinking the other day that it would be great to see a reunion type movie. Give us a taste of where the characters are now and their offspring. Could generate a spinoff of sorts.

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