Natural Hair and Scalp Psoriasis – Part Deux

Last month I posted about the problems I’ve had with scalp psoriasis.  I thought I’d give an update on how things are progressing.  So far, all is well.  The patches have not come back.  I do have some itchiness in my scalp and my overall skin, but I’ve noticed that it happens when I drink more soda than water.  I can only assume that one of the ingredients is a trigger.  That may be something to research.For the most part, I have followed the Taclonex prescription which advised to apply once a day.  Where I varied the prescription was in applying the ointment for 7 days instead of 4 weeks.  I decided not to apply for the full length of time after reading about Taclonex thinning the skin on the scalp.  There wasn’t anything adverse mentioned in the product insert or what I read online about using the ointment for 4 weeks. Being a skeptic and a scaredy cat, I decided to use the ointment for less since I didn’t know how much the skin on my scalp would be thinned.  If the patches come back, I still have enough to tackle it.

As far as for the effect of the ointment on my hair or scalp, there has been no oiliness and the texture of my hair has not changed.  I am noticing some fuzz coming in where there was hair loss due to the psoriasis.  That’s a major plus.  Other than that, no negative side effects.  Hope this helps someone.

Also, if you have scalp psoriasis or used Taclonex, what has been your experience?

Disclaimer: The above post is the opinion and experience of Melanie Dawnn, 
and should not be taken as medical advice.  Please consult with your 
physician or medical provider for health concerns.

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4 thoughts on “Natural Hair and Scalp Psoriasis – Part Deux

  1. Check out my page for support and helpful advice about psoriasis, I too suffer from it and have found relief through different treatments and changes I’ve made. Would love to share them!

  2. I used novasone lotion which you simply drop into the hair and apply to the scalp. It cleared it up within days and to keep it away I used a novasone cream just rubbed in. Its a prescription medicine but worked really well.

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