Writing Programs (Camp NaNoWriMo Inspired)

Great tips and insight to writing tools!

Brista Drake: Author, Illustrator & Editor

In the spirit of Camp NaNoWriMo this April, I’ve decided to conduct a study over the different programs that writers used throughout the month.

I personally love to use WordPad because it does not alert me when I made a mistake, which is vital during the month of NaNo. It shuts off my inner editor and lets me write in peace. Even the word count is hidden, so I have to use wordcounter.net to check my status after a long day’s work. It’s an app that comes with computers nowadays, a simplified version of Microsoft Word. Check your computer before you settle for NotePad, because most likely you will have a form of it.

Obviously you could pay for Microsoft Word if you prefer that. You can highlight the part of the book you’ve written that day and see the word count at the bottom. You can turn off spell…

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