Breaking Bad 39

JaneGenova_SpeechwriterIf you’ve come to this post looking for a review or commentary on the AMC hit, Breaking Bad, sorry to disappoint you.  It’s not that kinda post.  Instead, it’s my light-hearted rant on the final days of being thirty-something. 😉

First let me say that I thank God for my life.  From birth to now, there have been health problems, family crisis, and all other kinds of life issues and circumstances that could have taken me out.  He spared me, and I’m grateful.  It’s one of the reasons that I’m dedicating year 40 to making the most of this life.

Now here’s my whine session (if only I had cheese – LOL).  I am beginning to notice the downward decline that my mother told me about as a teen.  When she couldn’t find her glasses or forgot where the car was parked, I’d shake my head, then help.  Her infamous comment to me was “You’ll see when you get older”.  I often gave a naive answer about making sure I’d always be on point.  And I’ve been doing that.  But as the years have come and gone, I find it more and more of a struggle to keep on top of things.  I used to have a good memory, and didn’t have to write things down.  Now I have to either list it in my cell phone, tell someone to remind me, or put it on a slip of paper on my desk.

On top of that, gray hairs are sprouting EVERYWHERE.  And I’m not just talking about the top of my head (I know, TMI).   Whenever I look in the mirror, there’s a new gray hair.  I used to get a few here and there around the temple area.  Now they’re all willy-nilly up-and-through my scalp.  I do dye my hair with indigo and henna.  That helps to keep my hair looking natural with reddish highlights, but I swear that as soon as my hair dries, I find a new patch that evaded me.  When this happens, I try to hide it under the other hair.  Sometimes I’m successful and sometimes I’m not.

And what’s up with all the aches and joints popping?  Sometimes I think there’s a popcorn stand nearby from all the noise. 🙂  If I’ve been sitting for at least 15 minutes, it’s almost a guarantee that my knees will either pop or be slow to activate when I stand.  And let’s not talk about exercising or walking for an extended period of time.  When I lay down at night, I feel good and proud of my accomplishment.  When I wake up the next morning, it’s a different story.  I have to get out of bed in shifts.  LOL.

On a good note, my skin has kept up pretty well.  I have a couple of light wrinkles and slight darkness under my eyes.  Usually I can camouflage that pretty well with concealer.  Family and friends say I haven’t really aged much, but you be the judge.  Below are pics of me at age 18 and from about 5 months ago.



For the most part, life is good.  This post is meant more as comedic fonder than a serious complaint about getting older.  I’ve had the pleasure of watching family and older co-workers age with grace, and I appreciate the jewels of wisdom they left behind.  It’s through these things that I have had the fortunate opportunity to see that life doesn’t end because of an ache here or a pain there.  It’s the determination to continue and make the most of the good days.   As 40 draws nigh, I’m looking to it with optimism…..just maybe with a little more Ben-Gay.  LOL

XOXO, Melanie Dawnn

Photo:  Jane Genova – Speechwriter
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