One Fine Day

popularscreensaversOn Tuesday, Felicia waited for her husband to leave for work and the kids to school. She hurried upstairs to grab the suitcase she had packed little by little over the course of the last week. She signed into her other email account created just for this adventure to make sure that her reservations were set. She decided that she’d use cash just to make sure there was no trail. Once she had what she needed, she printed off her documents and then logged out – making sure to clear any trace from the internet history. Grabbing her purse and keys, she walked towards the side door to the garage – stopping to look back at the life she was trying to escape. One last thought rushed into her mind. Should she leave a note or just vanish without a trace? She opted for the former thinking it selfish if anyone worried about her. Taking pen to paper, Felicia wrote:

I need to get away for a while. I’ve lived my life for everyone else and need to find me. Don’t worry, I’m ok.


Placing the paper under the fruit bowl on the kitchen table, Felicia looked around again, thinking that her family probably wouldn’t miss her.  She re-collected her belongings and headed out the door. Next stop – RejuveNation.


Felicia chose a hotel next to the beach. The sounds of ocean waves and the crisp, salty air relaxed her. As she sat on one of the lounge chairs, she thought about what she wanted to do next. First she’d dye her hair, and then cut it. Afterwards, she’d venture into the unknown city to buy new clothes, and explore life. She felt a sense of enthusiasm at the upcoming tasks. The zeal prompted her to visit one of the beach bars to try an un-virgined umbrella drink. This would be new to her considering that she didn’t drink.

Sitting at the cabana style-bar, she sipped her drink while watching the families build sand castles on the beach. A part of her felt sad and guilty for leaving her family behind. She turned away from the scene to keep from crying. It wasn’t that she didn’t love them. She just felt like nothing. Like existing for the sake of everyone else. They had their happiness, often via her, so why couldn’t she have a piece of the pie? This question would propel Felicia into feeling justified for her actions. And with that, she ordered another drink.

XOXO, Melanie Dawnn

Photo:  PopularScreenSavers

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