The bones of a book

After reading various blogs about how writers write, it still amazes me at the differing processes or lack thereof used. Goes to show that different doesn’t mean ineffective.

Live to Write - Write to Live

So what do you do when you’ve finished one big project, pushed it out the door, and are just waiting, waiting, (waiting) to hear about it?

You turn around and focus on the next piece.

3935841083_5ec5b0cc3c_zOh sure, I have my articles to keep me busy (at last count, I have 19 due in the next 2 months) and I have my blogs, but I also have another book-length manuscript in me (maybe even more.) And while it feels a little like I’m abandoning my first-born, there is nothing to do until I hear what to do. (I know, it sounds rather Zen doesn’t it?)

I’m going back and starting from the beginning with this next project (even though I have a 300 page rough draft.) I’m going to plot the organization and the action and then see what I have and see where it fits. It’s been sitting, patiently waiting…

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