Writing from a Photo Prompt

I’m finding that photos and images can provide a Good opening for creativity. When dealing with writer’s block it can be the spark to at least brainstorm a thought or feeling. And as the blogger mentioned, it could lead to questions which can help in writing about the answer.

Penguin Ponderings


I took this photo the last time I went to Africa. I played around with it a bit and changed it to black and white. I was hoping it would inspire me to come up with a little story about it, perhaps a witty caption. I’m still searching for a story for this photo to tell.

I’ve often read in writing magazines and online that a good way to start writing again, to beat blocks or boredom, is to use a photo prompt. Granted, most of the prompts you see are a little more advanced than this one. What I mean is, they have much more going on.

I like the idea of taking a photo and trying to come up with a story behind it. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or mind-blowing. But I like that it gets the creative and imaginative juices swirling. Well, it should. Currently…

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