Fly on the Wall

Writing Prompt 5

“Think of your favorite book and insert yourself into the plot line as one of the central characters.  Write a short piece with you integrated into the story!” (Tiana Lopez, Zealous Scripts)

I think the above writing prompt is just excellent. It’s one thing to read and imagine yourself inserted into a story…it’s another to be a part of it. So, I’ve dug deep into the cockles of my brain to figure out which book to use for this writing prompt. Honestly, not a one came to mind. Either that means that the authors were so good that no other characters were necessary, or I’m just not in my imaginative, creative mode.

flyonwallWell…maybe I am. If I had to insert myself in a story, I would be a fly on the wall. The one that can buzz around, sometimes unnoticed, to see and hear what really went on. In Maya Angelou’s Gather Together in My Name, there were scenes that I could only paint in my mind based on how she described it. For instances, her interactions with Tolbrook – how he “sweet talked” her in the restaurant, how he convinced her to live in a whore house, and when Maya found out where he lived…with a wife. It was obvious to me that this was an older man who took advantage of a young mother who wanted a man to love her fully. Instead, she found a snake in the grass.

Being a fly on the wall, I could have seen and heard the others that may have warned her about this man. I’m sure he was known. Or maybe I could have been the fly that continually buzzed around as a distraction from his BS. Either way, it would have been nice to know about the other perspectives that may have been trying to help Maya from making a mistake with him.

 XOXO, Melanie Dawnn

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