Thanksgiving Dinner

thanksgiving-dinner_wmdsfmagAround this time of year, families come together for Thanksgiving.  It’s the occasion of giving thanks for our blessings over a feast. We commemorate the occasion by watching parades and eating til our heart’s content while swapping stories and funny anecdotes across the dining room table.  And after all the feasting, we either fall sleep, put away the remnants of our meal, or play in the annual Turkey Bowl game.  And while all of this provides great memories, there are some who miss out on the very holiday that we enjoy.

Reflecting on the latter sentence, our minds may immediately go to thoughts about the homeless.  It is true that many of these individuals and families do not have a place to lay their heads let alone share a Thanksgiving meal.   If you have never served or volunteered during the holidays by feeding the homeless, let me tell you it’s an unforgetable experience.

There are some who just want to eat a hot meal and not be bothered, and others who will tell you their entire life’s story.  And no matter which case, the truth is that they are still human beings and deserve respect regardless of the situation that may have landed them where they are.

But there’s still others who miss out on sharing Thanksgiving with loved ones.  It may be the neighbor down the street who has no family,  a co-worker who isn’t able to make it out-of-town, or even the elderly that reside in nursing homes and residential complexes.  For these individuals, Thanksgiving may be a hurtful reminder that they are alone with feelings that they are forgotten and unloved.

The purpose of creating this post is to encourage those who may read it to remember, and if possible, invite someone to share Thanksgiving with you.  You may find that your “family” and memories may expand a lot more than you ever expected.


XOXO, Melanie Dawnn


Photo:  WMDSF Mag

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