Sounds of Music – Inspiration for the Writing Process

Awhile back, I wrote a post about writing in favorite places and spaces to help with creativity. In this post, I’d like to fuelyourwritingexplore the use of music for the writing process.

Music is one of those wonderful tools that can inspire a myriad of emotions, thoughts, and feelings. In How Music Affects the Writing Process by Nona Mae King, she described how music plays a role in our everyday lives.

Music is used in stores to prolong the shopping experience. In movies, music (or the lack of it) is utilized to enhance the scene. Advertising agencies have invested time and money into music for jingles that keep products in your head or a television series in the forefront of your mind (King, 2012).

King also gives her list of reasons to include music in the writing process – “encourage focus, enhance mood, promote inspiration, and encourage us to seek inspiration”.

There are times when I select a certain genre or song to either go deeper into what a character may be feeling or to help me visualize the setting of the scene. For instance, listening to a jazz song like Diana Krall’s “Let’s Fall in Love” pitchforkgives me a visual of a couple playing in the snow, laughing, giggling, just having fun. At the end of playtime they kiss and realize that they’re falling in love.

Another example, the song “Love Drug” by Raheem Devaughn yields a mellow tune about love on the borderline of addiction. I visualize yet another couple dancing close and slow on the dance floor in a dimly lit club. As for their feelings and emotions, the longer they embrace, the more intense the feelings become leading to the thirst or yearning they have for each other.

Other times, if I’m not in the mood to write, I’ll put on some energetic type songs to give me that push. Like right now, I’m listening to Janelle Monae’s “What is Love” as I type this post. Every now and then, I’ll get out of my seat and do a jig. Good way of killing two birds with one stone – get a post done and exercise. 🙂

All in all, music has been a useful motivator and inspiration to help me with writing. Sometimes I use it and other times I go with the flow that’s in my head.

Do you use music as a source of inspiration or motivators when you write? Do you use it for character or scene development, help keep you focused/motivated or as a distraction from the world? Share your experience.

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7 thoughts on “Sounds of Music – Inspiration for the Writing Process

  1. The music is one of the most important things in my life. Years ago in my town used to do “tell it with music” ones a month ,where relevant people tell everyone their life with music ,the music remains that moment .I feel that the music moved you to another places a moments in your live. All the important people in my life had their own music.An when I heard the music I remember that especial moment or person.

    1. Thanks for sharing. That sounds like a great event and a wonderful experience you had. I’d love to try something like that. Music can communicate so many things that words can’t sometimes.

  2. I work in Intensive care unit , as part of the nursing treatment I always tell to the familly to bring a mp3 with the music the person loved . Sometimes if you take your time you could look changes in the Ecg,in the pulse … their faces.I think when the people is in coma this music could bring them from there to the actual moment

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