Is Age Just a Number? What’s the Best One?

Late last week an acquaintance and I were discussing how we envisioned life in our early twenties.  As I reflected on my own expectations from that time, I realized that I’ve accomplished much.  Many of the things that I set out for, I’m accomplished such as finishing college and working in my desired field.  I’ve wanted to travel across this country, and I’ve done that.  I’ve even worked on some of my “isms” that back then I thought would last forever.

It would be a lie to say that I didn’t wish for anything to be different.  Of course there were low points that I would have liked to skip over.  At the same time, those experiences helped me to be who I am today.  So, am I unhappy with myself or my life?  Not at all.  In fact, I’m trying to think of more things to add to my bucket list. 🙂

As you look back over your life, do you greet the journey with joy or regret?


Melanie V. Logan


“Write about one thing that is special about being your current age and why.” ?” (Tiana Lopez, Zealous Scripts)

As a young’in I used to think that anything past the age of 25 was just old. Once I reached 25, old seemed like 50 and beyond. Now that I’m 40, I’m not so sure what old is anymore.

Watching people like Betty White and others in their 90s and centennial years shows that being youthful is not just an appearance, but a state of mind as well.   In recent weeks, I’ve seen a 98 year old woman break the record for the 100 meter dash. Mind you, it was for her age group, but still. Then there was something on tv where two 80-somethings discussed the fads and entertainers of the present. They knew a lot more than I did.

So to stay on track with the writing…

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