Writing A Synopsis

This post is very timely for me.  Not long ago, I was summarizing the plot of one of my stories to my husband over a plate of lasagne and veggies.  In between chewing and swallowing, I laid out the plot while my husband’s eyes and interest grew.  Then later that night, I sat down in front of my computer to lay out the synopsis and drew a complete blank.  And when I did type something, it sounded bland.  A complete contrast from the hype earlier in the evening.  So to give my work justice, the tips in this post will be very helpful.

Dust 2 Diamonds

Summarizing your story at dinner to entertain friends is easy.

You make it sound exciting. But when you sit down to write a synopsis, you get brain-freeze.

No worries. For a quick, exciting synopsis, answer these 9 Questions: Learn more.

Kelly and Nancy

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