The Writing Muscle

Looking at the title of this post and the tips listed, I couldn’t help but think about physical exercise.  Working the upper and lower body for a good tone, and cardio to strengthen the heart.  But for writing, working out different areas to improve upon skill.


Think of your current writing skill. Would you say it is weak, untrained? Would you say that it could stand strong on it’s own but could always seek further improvement?

Think of your writing skill as a muscle. You can work out in many different ways to earn many different results and gain strength. Skip leg day and you will be a disproportionate human.

Here are a few ways to work your writing muscle:

1. Read

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Read the good, the bad and the ugly. Absorb it and try to read in such a way that you shine light on what the author was aiming to capture. Digest all writing techniques used and learn from it or try to discern where they went wrong.

As a reader, you gain a bystander’s insight in the situation. This will help you improve your own writing technique in little ways so that when…

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