Breaking Bad 39 – The Appreciation Edition

Just wanted to follow-up on this post.  A lot has happened.  Many things accomplished.  More goals and dreams to realize.  But what I can say for the last 365+ days is that there has been a prevalent theme – don’t take life or people for granted because it can all change or be gone in the blink of an eye. With that said I thank God for all His blessings and for all the wonderful people He’s allowed to cross my path including the followers and readers of this blog.


Melanie V. Logan

JaneGenova_SpeechwriterIf you’ve come to this post looking for a review or commentary on the AMC hit, Breaking Bad, sorry to disappoint you.  It’s not that kinda post.  Instead, it’s my light-hearted rant on the final days of being thirty-something. 😉

First let me say that I thank God for my life.  From birth to now, there have been health problems, family crisis, and all other kinds of life issues and circumstances that could have taken me out.  He spared me, and I’m grateful.  It’s one of the reasons that I’m dedicating year 40 to making the most of this life.

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