TV & Movies Versus Literature

It’s so wonderful to know that the future and options for writers is limitless….well, as long as our imagination can still wander. 🙂

Elle Writes Fiction

TV & movies are just as important to being a good writer as literature. There I said it. Let the gods of writing come down and smite me, but I honestly believe this fact. As a writing major in a tiny liberal arts college, my Alma Mater didn’t offer as many fiction classes as I would have liked. To get my credits in, I branched into the communications department. I did scriptwriting, screenplays, plays, television writing; you name it, I’ve done it and I loved it.

Writers are not banished to a world of fiction or poetry, nonfiction or journalism. Writers and writing majors can do anything! (Yes, I’m still mostly unemployed but hear me out). Commercials, websites for businesses, television shows, movies, infomercials, reviews all of these had to be written. No, they’re not all glamorous but you can literally do anything with this degree. (My problem is my…

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