Everything You Need to Know About Writing Your First Draft – Tips from Meg Dowell

Meg, your post is sage advice.  It’s easy to pick up a book, fall in love with the story, and then think we can write the same thing or better.  Reality sets in when we actually try to write something.  🙂

Your tips are very helpful in keeping perspective and definitely encouraging.  Sometimes we’re writing in silos and we don’t think others have similar experiences until we see posts like this.  Thank you for sharing the wealth.

Meg Dowell Writes


Have you ever read a book, closed it after the final page and just sat there for awhile thinking, “Why can’t I write something that good?”

Of course you have: we all have. But that book you just finished reading isn’t the original draft the author wrote. It has gone through more revisions and rewrites than you can imagine.

That’s right: every writer’s first draft is a rough draft.

But don’t let that discourage you from writing yours. It is an accomplishment not every aspiring writer can say they’ve achieved.

If you’re not sure what to expect, here are a few things to know about writing the first draft of your first or next short story, book, etc. 

It will be full of surprises

The story or book you plan for in the early stages of brain rush will almost never turn out that way once you actually start…

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