Guest Post: Michelle of Lipstick and Laundry, on Blogstacles

This is great information.  And I love the Ninja/Blogger contrast.  Makes for an entertaining and informative post.

Just a dad ...

photo credit: OKIMG_3701 via photopin (license) photo credit: OKIMG_3701 via photopin(license)

Michelle Terry and I know the misery of loving awful baseball teams.

guest postOnly, hers isn’t so awful lately. The Kansas City Royals are in the MLB playoffs. The only way my Colorado Rockies could make the playoffs? If the commish inverted divisions and declared the last shall be first.

Michelle blogs at Lipstick and Laundry. It’s where she celebrates imperfection, one load at a time. She’s one of those bloggers/readers you can’t figure out why reads your stuff, but you’re glad she does. Gifted as a writer and photographer, Michelle’s post are evocative and call to her readers to share, too.

She’s here today to present a handful of blogging obstacles many of us face. As the soccer coach who has never played soccer, I’ll stand in as a sort of expert on the subject of getting past blogging obstacles.

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