Bullying – Why Does It Happen and What To Do About It

In addition to Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence, October is also the awareness month for Bullying Prevention. Earlier in the year I shared the post below, and want to revisit the subject because it is still an issue that we should address.

Melanie V. Logan

Image: andygoesrawr Image: andygoesrawr

A few weeks ago, one of my high school classmates lost his son.  When I heard the news, my first thought was that the teen had died in a car crash or some similar incident.  What I would come to find out is that he had committed suicide.  He was only 15.

No sooner than I had offered condolences, I received an email from a group I’m subscribed to about one of the member’s daughter.  She had committed suicide as well.  She was 14.

In both cases, the suicides were not random events without precursors.   The sad thing is that both are results of bullying.  Comments were made on social media or said at school that lead up to these tragic events. It is heart-breaking to hear and know that acts of meanness could push someone to the edge, to want to end their lives – especially ones…

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