10 Emotional Hurdles for the Newbie Writer #writers #amwriting

There are so many on your list that have been/are hurdles for me.  But the one that surprised me was telling my husband that I’m writing.  Until then, I considered myself a writer in my head, but just a person who wrote stuff to others.  He was very encouraging.

Also #7 causes problems sometimes.   It seems like the best story ideas hit me at the most inopportune time.  I try to jot down a little bit and end up spending hours on a whole story. 🙂

Thanks for sharing these tidbits.  It’s very helpful and supportive.

Lucy Mitchell


As a newbie writer I am constantly trying to jump over emotional hurdles in order to progress.

I am calling them hurdles  because if you don’t jump them you will end up falling down and hurting your writer self.

They are emotional  because each one has the potential to bring on tears / sobbing / a low mood / a spot of soul searching.

  1. Showcasing your writing to strangers. This was a tough one for me. Its such a scary thing to do when you first start out. Starting a writing blog helped me jump this emotional hurdle.
  2. Getting your first piece of negative feedback. Fall at this hurdle and you may never get back up. You have to overcome this and see the feedback as a learning. Some reviewers have never been on the ‘how to give feedback constructively’  training course so you have to put your emotions…

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