Ideas and Writing

My book ideas come from dreams too.  Sometimes I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and jot down what hit me. And then it’s like the rest of the story unfolds throughout my waking hours.



At one point, three years ago, before I started this full time writing gig, someone asked me how I came up with ideas for what I write. It was a great question, but honestly, not one I could answer. I didn’t know where they came from other than a dream or two and I was pretty sure if I told anyone I “dreamed it” they would have thought me nuts.

Skip ahead three years and it’s obvious I am nuts so it’s okay if I “dreamed it”. Ha.

In reality, though, I don’t dream most of my novel ideas. They come to me in bits and parts and eventually gather together into somewhat of a cohesive whole.

Take my latest one. The origin of it comes from my own family history. My great-grandmother was kidnapped by her father who was a Pinkerton Detective when she was only 2 years old…

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