#Christmas is Around the Corner…Where Did the Time Go???


This year has certainly flown by.  Seems like it’s only been a couple of weeks since summer was here.  But alas.

The highlight for me around this time of year is Christmas.  I love the peppermint smells, and mugs of chocolatey cocoa, and colorful lights and decorations.  I’m not a fan of snow, but a few sprinkles could add to the festive feel.  It’s these types of things that give me the holiday goosebumps and remind me of certain memories.

Growing up, my brother and I were usually in the Christmas pageant at our church.  He’d usually sing a song and I’d play whatever carole my mom taught me.  In addition, we’d learn a speech at home that we’d recite perfectly only to forget half the words on the night of the pageant.  But we were always excited about be a part and hanging with our friends.

And my mom had us dressed to the nines.  My brother was donned in a blue suit, and I wore a navy ensemble courtesy of my mom’s sewing machine.  Thinking back on that time, I think she was just excited.  On the ride home, we’d drive through the neighborhoods, looking at the Christmas lights and versions of Nativity scenes.  I’d be left with a feeling of giddiness and awe.  And to top off the night, when we got home my mom would make me a cup of cocoa.  Oh, the memories. 🙂

What are some of your favorites for Christmas?  What are your greatest childhood memories?


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