Happy #2016!!! – #Resolutions, Lists, and Goals….Oh My!

Happy New Year!!!  Glad you stopped by, and hope you’re enjoying the new digs.

This time of year is generally earmarked for resolutions and setting goals.  Some years I follow suit.  Others I take life as it comes.  This year I’m going with the former.

I found an interesting Writer’s Digest post, and decided to create a list of 10 resolutions for 2016.  The list consists of 5 personal items and 5 focused on writing.  Throughout the year, I’ll post about my progress. But for right now, I have goosebumps on all the wonderful things  to come.

These are in no particular order:

  1.  Lose 25 pounds (shouldn’t be a surprise considering the holiday foods I ate 🙂 )
  2.  Improve financial plan
  3.  Go to a Barrett-Jackson auction (I love the nostalgia of classic cars)
  4.  Travel to Puerto Rico
  5.  Go skiing and/or zip-lining
  6.  Join a local writing group
  7.  Submit first manuscript
  8.  Complete second book draft
  9.  Research book-to-movie/tv deals
  10.  Make this one of the best blogs on the internet

Will you join me and a host of others in tackling 2016 resolutions?   If so, what are your goals?


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