Write-a-Thin: Finishing the #Race, So How’d I Do???


Since the entry of 2016, the year has proven to be a busy one thus far.  From bad colds and tummy troubles to increased workload, it has been a challenge keeping up with everything.  But as one of my favorite authors would say,

quotestill I rise – Maya Angelou

Earlier I mentioned joining the WFWA’s Write-a-Thin project, so here’s my progress report.  I met my goal, but the more rewarding side was the encouragement and sometimes-comical comments from fellow writers.  Like me, others ran into “life” which caused setbacks to production.  But having the support system felt like having a person on the sidelines – handing out cups of water and cheering you on.

So where am I with the other 2016 goals?  I’m sure you’ve been on pins and needles to know (lol).

  • Weight loss:  haven’t lost or gained, but my habit to eat while writing seems to have waned,
  • Financial planning:  meeting set this week,
  • Local writing group: plans for a meet-up this month with WFWA writers living in the Atlanta area,
  • First manuscript submission: Still on track, and plan to submit in latter part of year,
  • Second book draft:  starts of an outline and a few skeleton scenes,
  • Blog improvements:- adding hashtags to post titles and including hyperlinks to previous posts to increase visibility; included spotlight category to showcase authors/things about writing that inspire me and possibly others.

In my head, I’m doing cartwheels over the progress made so far, but there’s still more to come. Stay tuned.

Photo: theqspeaks Victory! – Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC via photopin (license)


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