Pop-isms: #Word to the Wise from an Old School #Dad

photopin_24388741322_55e0608bfc_bNot long ago, a co-worker and I were swapping stories about our rural upbringing.  One of the common themes was the use of clichés by our elders to make a point.  My father-in-law, aka Pop, certainly falls into that category.

He’s a wise man who has no problem sharing his wisdom.  Thing is, sometimes that wisdom will either stop you in your tracks to think, or cause you to bust out laughing.  I’ve even Googled the phrases to see if they were real or figments of his imagination. Turns out some of them are genuine, old school sayings.

So for today’s post, I thought I’d share a few of Pop’s favorites (and ones forever embedded in my mind).  Enjoy!

“I’m too old of a cat to be called a kitten.”
Translation:  Don’t try to fool me.  I have age and experience under my belt, so I’m not naïve.

“Hard times make a monkey eat red peppers.”
Translation:  A person is so hungry they’ll eat anything. Or, a person in such dire straits he/she will do anything (including the things they’d never do) for relief.

“Let’s see how the rat carries its tail.”
Translation:  Wait for a series of events to transpire before making a decision. Depending on how those events take place will drive a decision in one direction or another.

“Every bird feathers his own nest”
Translation: Doing something for personal gain or comfort.  To look out for yourself.

“Nothing beats a failure but a try.”
Translation:  How do you know something failed, if you never try?  Don’t give up or let fear keep you from trying something.

What quirky sayings did you grow up hearing?  Did they teach a lesson or keep you amused?

Photo: NonnoJ via photopin (license)


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