Tag Team #Writing – The Benefits of Collaborating with a #Partner

Not long ago, I received a tweet about James Patterson’s competition for selecting a co-author.  My mind circled back to the post below that I wrote last year.

I’m one of those people who always has an idea brewing in her mind. Unfortunately it’s hard to spin out a completed product just as fast as the ideas come.  So I am considering the writing partner angle, but will have to get my current work out the way.

If you’ve ever co-authored or collaborated with a writing partner, what was your selection process?  How did you divide the work?

Besides writing, one of my enjoyments is learning something new.  This past weekend, I ran into a couple of articles from Writer’s Digest about collaborative writing.  I had never considered the concept, but thought it quite interesting.  You can read the articles here and here.

Right off the bat I could see how writing with a partner could be beneficial – finish a story in half the time, quicker editing, someone to bounce ideas off of.  The list could go on and on.  But there could be a downside too.  What if my partner and I disagree on the direction of the story or something else significant?

As mentioned in the article, to prevent disagreements from happening, it’s best to discuss potential hiccups upfront and decide what course of action should they arise.  That’s certainly a good idea.  In addition, it may be good to find a neutral…

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