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Image: They Yocum Library
Image: They Yocum Library

Not long ago I mentioned that I was having a bit of writer’s block. After a moment of reflection, I realized that there’s just a lot going on in my life right now professionally and personally.  Time and creative energy to write have been on low supply….until now.

I ran across a blog that offered some direction to at least keep me writing. Tiana Lopez’s blog, Zealous Scripts, has a section dedicated to writing prompts. I thought I’d take a stab at a few of them – at least get a paragraph or two out. So, for the next few weeks, I’ll post some of my content based on these. Happy reading! 

Writing Prompt 6

“Recall one of your favorite rooms/creative spaces to write in. Why is it your favorite place? What kind of feelings does it give you? What kind of work has come from being in that space?” (Tiana Lopez, Zealous Scripts)

One of my favorite spaces to write is sitting in a park near my home. I generally go on days when it’s warm, but sunny. Something about the rays of the sun create an atmosphere that’s energetic and refreshing. Throw in a clear blue sky, lush green grass, and beautiful, colorful blooms and it’s paradise for me.

The park is one of my favorite spots because it gives a sense of tranquility while also providing the occasional visual inspiration for a story or post. Also, the natural scenery does something to my senses that’s sometimes difficult to put into words…but I’ll try.  🙂

The feeling of a breeze on my face is like a reminder of God and how He’s always present even when we don’t see Him.  Looking at the various colors of nature also reminds me about how we can take all the paint, ink, and other modes of making color, and still never come up with anything as great or beautiful as the Almighty.

As for the people and animals that may cross my path, even though there may be something to distinguish differences on first sight, there’s always something that brings an air of similarity or sameness. For instance, you may see someone young and someone older walking through the park with a friend. Regardless of the age difference, they are sharing an experience with the one they are with. They laugh or talk just the same. Age doesn’t stop that or limit that experience.

One of the posts I wrote awhile back, was created one day in the park. As I sat on the bench, I observed the people and atmosphere around me.   For just that moment, I transformed myself into a little old lady sitting in the park, watching life and reflecting on time gone. Doing that, did something to me. In a sense, I felt like the way I think actors feel when they get into work mode.  I became my character.

At any rate, being that little old lady made me think about my current condition. While work and personal obligations sometimes limit my time and energy, it is still very important to live life and take advantage of the opportunities and experiences around us from time to time. No sense looking back with regret when the choice to do is right in front.

XOXO, Melanie Dawnn

Photo: The Yocum Library

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