Finding #Writing #Motivation in Weird Ways

There’s something about watching shows like the Facts of Life, Jane the Virgin, and Younger that get my creative juices flowing.  Could it be because these shows have a character or business involved in writing, and their pursuits towards writing gold illustrates I’m not alone?  Could be, but there’s more.

There’s something about how Natalie puts a fascinating spin on her creative pieces or Jane’s diligence and determination to succeed at writing a romance novel regardless of life’s circumstances.  And what about Liza’s second chance at life, taking risks to revive a once promising career in publishing.

Before realizing the connection between these shows and my inspiration, I’d resort to music or sift through Pinterest for that oomph of excitement.  I still do, but what is it about these shows (writing aside) that gives me drive?  Considering the characters’ personalities and lifestyles, they are very different from my own.

**Spoiler Alert**

Take Natalie. Privileged, boarding school student who later worked in a bistro and novelty shop with her friends and former headmistress. After her initial attempts at journalism were rejected, she forewent college to gain “life experience” to enhance her writing career.

Then there’s Jane. A virgin who’s artificially inseminated by the sister of a man she had a crush on years prior. She has an amazing bond with her mother, grandmother, and father who encourage her dreams of writing and help with her unusual situation. When there are bumps in the road, she uses these in her writing or it creates a lightbulb moment on how to fix her problems.

And who wouldn’t want a second run at being young?  Well, maybe not every part. For Liza, she gave up a budding career to be a wife and mother only to wind up divorced with her daughter studying abroad. Sure, she had regrets about putting her life on hold. But she made up for it when her 40 year old self was mistakenly taken for a 26 year old millennial.   The latter helped to land an entry job with a publisher (who happens to have a crush on her). But it could come back to bite her in the butt.

All in all, the excitement and motivation from these shows provide a combination of quirkiness, relatable situations, life lessons, and the ability to live vicariously through the characters. And I’m loving it! I don’t care how they inspire me to write, just glad they do. J

What are some shows that spark your creativity?

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