Eyes Wide Shut: The Plight of Everyday People

The post below was written some time ago to encourage others towards peace and love for mankind.  Recent events have propelled me to post it again in the hopes that everyone who reads it will take the challenge and pass it on to others.

My prayers are with all affected by these violent tragedies, and for the healing of our world.



Image: Clker
Image: Clker

The world today encourages us to be independent, open-minded, and look for wealth or exposure as a way to happiness.   Along the way, we’ve stopping loving or caring about our fellow man. In fact, we often don’t take the time to get to know our neighbor let alone our fellow man.

Our world has grown quick to hurl judgments and criticisms rather than a helping hand or just a listening, understanding ear.  Sometimes it feels like there is little regard for humanity anymore.  Stereotypes seem to be the new rule with dire consequences.  Reading or viewing the news shows us that.

What I feel we fail to realize is that everyone on this earth is a human being – needs air to breath, food and water to eat/drink, and has blood coursing through veins.  But somehow we get caught up in Read more >



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