Scalp Psoriasis# – Ding dong the “witch” is dead….well, at least at bay – Pt.2

In posts past, I’ve sung the praises of Taclonex for successfully treating my scalp psoriasis.  Believe it or not, I did not have another flare up until about a month ago.  That’s about two years of relief.

My doctor renewed my prescription and I was off to see the wizard.  Unfortunately, the wizard is now in a posh gated mansion with manicured lawns.  What used to cost $50 is now $474 (and yes that’s after insurance and discounts).  I could not believe the cost of Taclonex went up almost 9.5 times in two years.  That’s ridiculous.  The good thing is that there was an alternative and it has worked just as great.

That alternative is Clobetasol 0.05% topical solution.  With insurance it was $79.  I think it’s around $200 without.  I used it two times per day for four weeks. In about three or four days, the plaques on my scalp were gone, but I continued as prescribed to keep them at bay.

We’ll see how it goes from here, but I hope this helps someone.  This information is based on my experience and treatment plan from my physician.  Check with your doctor or dermatologist to see if this medication will work for you.

Melanie V. Logan

The interesting thing about looking at stats and likes is that it often tells us what kinds of things our readers and visitors like or find useful. One of the posts that have stuck out is the post I wrote in January about scalp psoriasis. Granted, the main purpose of me creating this blog was to hone writing skills and share information about the craft, but I’m not too proud or picky to exclude discussing other things. With that said, I’m happy to pass on information that may help someone else. And without further ado, I’ll share another update on my progress.

After the last post about scalp psoriasis, I had a couple of pea-sized patches to form. This was around the first part of March. One was in the back left side of my scalp, and the other on the left side about 2 inches above my ear. They…

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