Language: Active and Passive Voice

You’re absolutely right!  It’s easy to slip into passive voice without thinking about it.  From time to time I’ll use Hemingway App to help point out the errors.

Let it come from the heart

There are many things that we often unconsciously do when we are writing. The more that we write, the more that we get to practice and hone our skills. Writing more also helps us to spot those regular patterns in our writing that could probably do with a bit of ironing out. One of the things I often notice about my own writing is that I often begin sentences in the same way, or with the same words, and so I try to vary them as much as possible. When this happens, I have to consider whether I am using the active or passive voice.

The theme on this blog for July is language. So far, we have thought about writing speech and whether to use the first, second or third person in our writing. Today, I want to look at active and passive voice.

This is about how you…

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