#Editing??? I Don’t Need No Stinking Editing

Gotta love the double negatives in the title.  Especially in reference to the header image. 🙂

I for one, need editing. Without it how good could a work be? Unless, we’re like the guy from the Limitless movie, writers need editing and editors.

Grammatical errors, plot holes, and the like can turn off a reader. It’s like getting your mouth set for the popsicle in the freezer only to find your spouse ate it already. I don’t know of anyone who gets excited about reading something full of errors or a plot that’s confusing or has gaps.

The Writer’s Digest has some great advice on editing. Things like taking a break between the first and second draft to refresh, asking the right questions after a read-through, and enlisting the help of beta readers or editors can make the difference between a good story and a great book.

Check out the link above for more insight.


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