How The 5 Senses #Inspire #Writing

Ever have something stimulate your senses to the point that it inspires you to write?

I have a pumpkin spice scented candle that even when unlit, it gives off a wonderful baked pie aroma. There have been times when this scent influenced a writing moment or a scene.

The same happens when I sit in the park.  I’m watching people and nature do their thing – kicking a ball around, taking a stroll, or just sitting on a bench chatting. I’m not fully paying attention to the activities before me, though the atmosphere propels me to write with fervor.

Then there’s music. Sometimes it’s classical, jazz, or Christmas tunes.  But either way it fancies my mind and gets my fingers to tapping the keys.

Taste is one that hasn’t quite caught on yet, though if any of my characters have a meal or go to a restaurant, it will more than likely…

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