The Rules of Procrastination — Sophie Speaks Up

We’ve all been there. Slacking, putting things off, brain fritz, you name it. Procrastination hits us at one time or another.  No matter how many times we “pencil” things on the calendar or set phone reminders, we find something to distract or pull us in the opposite direction. No amount of self pep talks work.  We’ll find an excuse.  That’s the determination.  Too bad that same determination can’t drive us toward productive writing.

The excerpt below is a humorous take on procrastination from Sophie Speaks Up.  Check out the rest in the link below. I’m sure many of you can relate just as I can.

I mean, excuses. 1) Thou shall not call it procrastination. Instead, call it “writer’s block.” You simply ran out of creative juices to continue working on your project. How are you supposed to do anything if you ran out of ideas and don’t feel creative anymore, right? 2) You’re NOT just watching random YouTube videos, […]

via The Rules of Procrastination — Sophie Speaks Up

Photo: delgrosso lazy via photopin (license)


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