In Sickness and In Health: Sticking to #Writing #Goals No Matter What

What do you get when you cross body aches, sniffles, and chills with writing goals?  A fever for progress.  Ha!

The last month and a half has been a total blur.  Between the flu (along with my husband), increased workload, and visiting relatives and friends, time (and energy) to write has been at a minimium.  But even at my lowest point, an old trusted friend

soothed my agonies and gave a pep talk to motivate me past the woes.

She said, “You can do it and you know it!  Get back in the game!  Power through!”

And you’ll never guess who “she” is – cough drops.  Funny how you pay attention to something as you’re throwing it in the trash.  I never noticed the blue writing on the gold and white wrappers before.

So in the spirit of rest and progress, I did a few things to keep the ball rolling:

  • When the sleepy-time medicine didn’t knock me out, I caught up on blogs and sites on industry news
  • Checked out OverDrive trending titles, making note of a few to read for enjoyment and to research for comps
  • Perused Pinterest for writing infographics and other tips
  • And this one is most important, allow myself to be sick without feeling guilty.  Pushing myself would only make matters worse and delay getting anything done.

This list may not seem like much, but they were tasks in my writing goals (except being sick).  I just moved some things around so they were accomplished sooner rather than later. I only chose tasks I felt comfortable with, didn’t cause stress, or exert energy I didn’t have.  Overall, I’m pleased with the progress. Now it’s back to the races.

How do you handle writing goals when you’re under the weather?


Photo: Flооd bleah via photopin (license)





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