How to Successfully #Write a Blurb: Tips from Andrea Lundgren

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Andrea Lundgren

Writing blurbs can be considered the ultimate challenge. You’ve finished a full-length story–now write a brief statement that encapsulates your tale in a few paragraphs, using language that will entice, interest, and intrigue a would-be reader.

Oh, and keep it consistent with the story inside so that the two match. Simple, right?

Courtesy of Gratisography

Unless you’re a born salesperson, blurbs can be a challenge, which is why I offer blurb coaching as an option to where you don’t have to “go it alone.” But there’s also a basic formula you can follow to at least get your blurb started.

  1. Answer the Who, What, When, Where, and How questions. I wrote about how these can help you focus a novel here, and they come even more in handy when working on your blurb. There isn’t usually room to cover all your answers, but you do need to know who the story is…

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