When You Should Add Background to Your #Story (and How Much)

Storylines that are confusing can seem as senseless as using a hammer on a screw or a wrench on a nail.  Sure the intention is there, but at the end of the day will the goal be met successfully?

As a writer, we all want our story to be great.  And from our perspective it is.  But if our readers (or watchers in this case) can’t follow along, they will lose interest and we may not get them back when we put out our next great thing.

A Writer's Path

by Christopher Slater

Just the other day I was watching a movie with my wife. I thought that the movie had potential, but I kept getting really confused during a good portion of it. Terminology, technology, concepts, and relationships that I didn’t understand or had never heard of kept popping up. I was getting lost in trying to figure out some of the minutiae instead of enjoying the storyline of the film.

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