Inquiring Minds Want to Know: What’s the Scoop on #Labor Day?

In elementary school when holidays approached, my teachers gave the history on why we celebrated them.  Year after year, we’d cutout shapes, color pre-made outlines, or glue cotton balls to construction paper to commemorate the monumental day.  But for the life of me, I can’t remember the purpose of Labor Day.  So being the Google-master that I am, I looked it up. 😉

According to the United States Department of Labor, Labor Day is

a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

Great job workers!  Now let’s kick back and have some barbecue.

Photo: Grilling via photopin (license)

Why #Rest and #Relaxation Are Like Air to #Writers (and Everyone Else in the World)

Rest and relaxation are things that we know we need, but sometimes “life” takes hold and we have to put it off.  For writers, this can be further complicated with extra work hours, kid’s activities, and to-do lists that interfere with our writing time.  So fitting in relaxation is like parallel parking in the tightest space.  Both can be done, but could be difficult without effort and determination (and maybe a stroke of luck).

Mental Health America and Psychology Today emphasize the importance of rest and relaxation on the mind and body.  When the brain’s maxed out, it affects cognition which is the mental ability to understand and process information. From a physical standpoint, when the body’s worn the amount of energy to complete tasks is limited or near non-existent.  If a writer can’t think Continue reading “Why #Rest and #Relaxation Are Like Air to #Writers (and Everyone Else in the World)”

Scalp Psoriasis# – Ding dong the “witch” is dead….well, at least at bay – Pt.2

In posts past, I’ve sung the praises of Taclonex for successfully treating my scalp psoriasis.  Believe it or not, I did not have another flare up until about a month ago.  That’s about two years of relief.

My doctor renewed my prescription and I was off to see the wizard.  Unfortunately, the wizard is now in a posh gated mansion with manicured lawns.  What used to cost $50 is now $474 (and yes that’s after insurance and discounts).  I could not believe the cost of Taclonex went up almost 9.5 times in two years.  That’s ridiculous.  The good thing is that there was an alternative and it has worked just as great.

That alternative is Clobetasol 0.05% topical solution.  With insurance it was $79.  I think it’s around $200 without.  I used it two times per day for four weeks. In about three or four days, the plaques on my scalp were gone, but I continued as prescribed to keep them at bay.

We’ll see how it goes from here, but I hope this helps someone.  This information is based on my experience and treatment plan from my physician.  Check with your doctor or dermatologist to see if this medication will work for you.

Melanie V. Logan

The interesting thing about looking at stats and likes is that it often tells us what kinds of things our readers and visitors like or find useful. One of the posts that have stuck out is the post I wrote in January about scalp psoriasis. Granted, the main purpose of me creating this blog was to hone writing skills and share information about the craft, but I’m not too proud or picky to exclude discussing other things. With that said, I’m happy to pass on information that may help someone else. And without further ado, I’ll share another update on my progress.

After the last post about scalp psoriasis, I had a couple of pea-sized patches to form. This was around the first part of March. One was in the back left side of my scalp, and the other on the left side about 2 inches above my ear. They…

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Eyes Wide Shut: The Plight of Everyday People

The post below was written some time ago to encourage others towards peace and love for mankind.  Recent events have propelled me to post it again in the hopes that everyone who reads it will take the challenge and pass it on to others.

My prayers are with all affected by these violent tragedies, and for the healing of our world.



Image: Clker
Image: Clker

The world today encourages us to be independent, open-minded, and look for wealth or exposure as a way to happiness.   Along the way, we’ve stopping loving or caring about our fellow man. In fact, we often don’t take the time to get to know our neighbor let alone our fellow man.

Our world has grown quick to hurl judgments and criticisms rather than a helping hand or just a listening, understanding ear.  Sometimes it feels like there is little regard for humanity anymore.  Stereotypes seem to be the new rule with dire consequences.  Reading or viewing the news shows us that.

What I feel we fail to realize is that everyone on this earth is a human being – needs air to breath, food and water to eat/drink, and has blood coursing through veins.  But somehow we get caught up in Read more >


Happy #2016!!! – #Resolutions, Lists, and Goals….Oh My! – **UPDATE**

Six months in, and I’m reporting my 2016 progress.  So here’s the lowdown.  Updates in red –no progress, orange – pending progress, or greenachieved or in progress.

 1. Lose 25 pounds (shouldn’t be a surprise considering the holiday foods I ate:-) )
Haven’t lost a thing 😦

2.  Improve financial plan
Great strides thanks to insight from the financial planners at my church.

 3. Go to a Barrett-Jackson auction (I love the nostalgia of classic cars)
Due to #2 we’re focusing more on saving so our trips this year will be on a smaller scale.

 4. Travel to Puerto Rico
See update under #2.

 5. Go skiing and/or zip-lining
With summer upon us, this item will become a reality soon.

 6. Join a local writing group
I didn’t join a local group, but I have met several wonderful ladies online and off from the WFWA.

7.  Submit first manuscript
In working through the 2nd draft, I just wasn’t feeling the story anymore.  I decided to put it down and work on something else.

 8. Complete second book draft
In progress! And I’ve been fortunate to join a critique group that will help me iron out the wrinkles.

9.  Research book-to-movie/tv deals
This was a total eye-opener.  There is so much to this process I had no clue about.  My impression is that it’s best that studios come to you, but know your ish when they
do.  I may post about this later.

 10. Make this one of the best blogs on the internet
I’ve noticed more follows which is absolutely great.  But I’d love to hear your feedback.

Melanie V. Logan

Photl - 0006481427E-849x565

Happy New Year!!!  Glad you stopped by, and hope you’re enjoying the new digs.

This time of year is generally earmarked for resolutions and setting goals.  Some years I follow suit.  Others I take life as it comes.  This year I’m going with the former.

I found an interesting Writer’s Digest post, and decided to create a list of 10 resolutions for 2016.  The list consists of 5 personal items and 5 focused on writing.  Throughout the year, I’ll post about my progress. But for right now, I have goosebumps on all the wonderful things  to come.

These are in no particular order:

  1.  Lose 25 pounds (shouldn’t be a surprise considering the holiday foods I ate 🙂 )
  2.  Improve financial plan
  3.  Go to a Barrett-Jackson auction (I love the nostalgia of classic cars)
  4.  Travel to Puerto Rico
  5.  Go skiing and/or zip-lining
  6.  Join a local writing group
  7.  Submit first manuscript

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This Is It


This is beautiful!  You wrote everything I’ve held in my head, but never took the time to outwardly express.  Glad to know I’m not alone.

Yoga Mom

For the longest time
I thought I wanted peace,
quiet, ease, solitude,
all the free time in the world
to do whatever I wanted to do…
And of course these things are still nice,
but as time wears on
and I accept that life is just chaotic sometimes,
then I am neither surprised nor disappointed
when I find myself standing in the middle of chaos.
In this centered place of acceptance
I can look out into my life
with the eyes of love
and do good work
with the capable hands I’ve been given.
I don’t need to create problems
by complaining or feeling resentful
about the fact that things haven’t turned out
exactly the way I wanted them to…
I can stay open, be curious,
and with a clear mind observe what is.
Suddenly the moment opens up
into a far richer masterpiece of
color, texture, and sound

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morguefile_file00048407637What a wonderful, touching story!  I didn’t have an imaginary friend as a child, but there were times when I’d pretend to be a super star.  Sometimes I’d be a famous actress, and others a singer. But with either my imagination ran rampant with the places I went and things experienced.


I remember being so shy in primary school, right from class one to class eight, being unable to say ‘present sir’ in class and being too intimidated to play with my classmates who ran themselves thin on Mindililwo primary school’s wide fields. I naturally developed affection for our farm livestock as a result, and spent many sunny days stroking and hugging our cows. Still I felt something was amiss. I needed a friend I could talk to and laugh with (I have to confess that the kids at the Mindililwo were so kind and did their best to draw me out of my shell but to no avail).

One day (I think I was in class two or three), I dreamt that a man with purple skin, a long tail, with an egg balancing on his head, came to my room, held my hand and walked me outside, where we…

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