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Facing rejection from Agents: Remember No means No!


Confessions of a published author


I was ready to submit and had researched various literary agency websites. My covering letter, synopsis and manuscript were polished and ready to go. I felt a sense of euphoria when I actually posted that A4 envelope off or clicked ‘send’ on the messages I sent. There was nothing to do but wait for the positive replies to come in!

Unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way. You see rejection may be presented in many different forms, but they all the mean the same thing: No means No!

Let me run you through the different forms of literary rejection. Please note that these are actual replies and not ones I’ve made up.

I can’t be bothered replying to you ‘No’:

This is where the agent doesn’t even bother getting back to you. They may have read your work or may not have. For all you know there is…

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9 Steps to Create a Book Title That Sells

Global Mysteries

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Your title, along with the image on your book cover, is the first thing a perspective reader sees. The sale of your book can depend on the title you choose. Your title should evoke a potential readers interest and motivate further exploration of the book—reading the back cover, browsing the first page, checking out the author. Here are nine steps to creating a title that will sell your novel.

shiny1. Check out books in your genre on Amazon or in brick and mortar bookstores. On Amazon, go further and check the number of sales of a given book. Consider what it was about the titles that attracted your attention.  What was your immediate response?  You want your title to have an immediate impact on people as well.

2. Look at the outline of your story and write an overall, one-sentence description of what your book is about without giving away…

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