A #Christmas Mystery: When the 12 Days of Christmas meet Secret Santa – Part 1


Day 1

From: Barb Winston
To: Marketing Team
Sent: Mon, 14 Dec 2014 11:24:35
Subject: Team Holiday Party

Don’t forget about the party tomorrow. Bring your favorite dishes and Secret Santa gifts.


After reading the email, Dario leaned his head back, closed his eyes, and breathed a sigh of frustration. He had forgotten about the party. Now he had to dredge to the store on his lunch break.

Christmas was one of those holidays Dario believed was overrated – store fights and spending money to impress others, especially kids. It was a waste of money in his eyes. Then again, he thought everything was a waste of money. Around the office he’s known for being a Scrooge – financially and in holiday spirit.

Dario grabbed his coat and headed to the nearest discount store.


Have a holly, jolly Christmas;
It’s the best time of the year…

Dario rushed in the store ready to conquer. He skimmed shelved and bins looking for something, anything with a feline and a cheap price tag. He picked Caroline, the cat lover of the bunch so the feat should be simple.

The more Dario searched, the less he felt holly or jolly. The Christmas music blaring was killing him. Then he found it – a blue mug with Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat. This will do.

Amused with his finding, Dario sashayed toward checkout. Then he saw the lines. His jaw dropped. He had to disagree with Burl Ives. It wasn’t the best time of the year.


Walking to his car, Dario noticed something red under his windshield. First thought was a holiday flyer. As he approached, it was
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