At least a few times a week I’ll see retweets about various agents looking for submissions for this genre or another.  While I’m glad to receive these, I am sometimes left wondering how many people reach out to these agents from the retweets, and how many are actually accepted. It would be great if the process could be that easy.

I’m not quite at the point of needing an agent, but I’m one of those people that likes to plan ahead.  In researching, I have found that there are a plethora of sites offering tips on how to go about finding an agent.  This is great info, but as Carrie mentioned agent requirements can vary.  Not to mention how we may interpret those requirements may be completely different than what the agents may expect or accept.

All in all, I’m trying to keep a positive attitude and open perspective on the process.  Hopefully there will be future success.


character-drivenWriters could probably go crazy if they stopped to analyze all of the agent desires that are out there. This one is seeking fun, x-y-z concepts. That one is seeking l-m-n-o-p stories. What do they mean, exactly?

With so much subjectivity surrounding this business, one person’s x-y-z is another’s l-m-n-o-p. What they DON’T mean is, “Quick! Write a story with an x-y-z concept!” It means, if you happen to have something like this, there is a chance, albeit small, that this agent might want to take a look.

I’m as eager as the next person to check into what agents are looking for. But, I love it when I see an agent encourage writers to write what they love, and I honestly believe that all agents really want us to do that. If your heart is not in your writing, if there is no passion behind it, if you are…

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My Gift To You: Signatory Agent List For Writers

Robust list of agents and tips on how to contact.

The Krystol Method

My Gift to you painted in a red bow! 


I know that this blog is very long, but I hope that it will help writers. I am ALL for helping any writer. As someone who is seeking an agent, I know others will benefit, too. This was given to me by another writer and I am passing it on. I hope that someone’s agent is in this list! Good luck and best of all, keep writing! This is the list for the EAST COAST!

 Signatory Agency List 


250 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013, (212) 767-7837

Before sending a completed script: We suggest that the individual first write or telephone the agency, detail your professional and/or academic credentials and briefly describe the nature of the material you desire to submit. The agency will then advise the individual whether it is interested in receiving the material with a view…

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