#Authors Who Inspired Me: Beverly Cleary


How many remember reading time in kindergarten or elementary school?  I certainly do.  This was one of my favorite activities (behind the yummy snacks and napping on the foam mats). What I loved was the ability to dream; the opportunity to walk through the shoes of the character(s) from the books. Living in a rural area didn’t lend to a lot of options. Books were the great escape to explore the world.

One book that I remember is Beverly Cleary’s The Mouse and the Motorcycle. The story details the escapades of a mouse (Ralph), living in an inn, who finds a tiny toy motorcycle lost by a young guest. His whole world opens up. And in subsequent books, Continue reading “#Authors Who Inspired Me: Beverly Cleary”


Writing Quotes — Janet Evanovich

Excellent motivation!  When it starts to feel like a dreaded chore, it may be a good idea to stop for a moment and ask why.  Sometimes we may put pressure on ourselves to make a deadline or make a story go a certain way.  Maybe taking a step back to answer the ‘why’ can release those pressures so that the writing can flow and be enjoyable again.


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Writing Tips from Jodie Renner

I love Jodie’s advice.  Especially items 1 and 2 about staying in character and out of your own head when writing.  When I look back at some of the things I’ve written here, I can clearly see the difference between times when I felt, thought and experienced the story as the character as opposed to just writing about what I thought the character would feel or think.

She also has good points on pepping up story dialogue.

Anne R. Allen’s Blog: 25 Must-Read Tips on Plotting from Top Authors and Editors

I love Anne R. Allen’s blog.  She provides a wealth of information helpful to writers and bloggers.  If you haven’t checked her out, stop what you’re doing and run right over. 🙂

This week’s tip comes from Anne R. Allen’s Blog: 25 Must-Read Tips on Plotting from Top Authors and Editors. These tips and quotes have been helpful for me while I write my first book.  What may have made sense in my head about moving from one scene to another or situation to another, it may not translate to the reader.