What #2018 Means

When a new year arrives, it brings about promises for change, aspirations to achieve dreams, or meet some type of goal or resolution.  But this year, it’s a little different for me.  Instead of looking forward, I’m reflecting on years past.  Years when loved ones were still around, and the whys of actions (or lack thereof) remained a curiosity of a shy young lady too scared to rock the boat.  And too afraid to trust anyone with the secrets in her head and her heart.

Building a wall may have been a security blanket, but who did it really keep warm?  Certainly not me.   I realize now that I shut out many who only wanted the best for me, and kept silent about the ones who meant the worst.

Things are different now. The wall’s coming down.

For 2018, my plan is very simple.  Live a life that is pleasing to God and treat others with love and kindness.  Of course I will still continue with the other goals that matter to me like this blog, and the bucket list items mentioned awhile ago (which I’m happy to announce I now know how to swim and had a blast in L.A.).  At the end of the day, or rather, when I’m old and gray(er), I want to look at my life and see not only material accomplishments, but be encircled by loved ones.  It may not sound like much, but to me it’s everything.




Happy #2016!!! – #Resolutions, Lists, and Goals….Oh My! – **UPDATE**

Six months in, and I’m reporting my 2016 progress.  So here’s the lowdown.  Updates in red –no progress, orange – pending progress, or greenachieved or in progress.

 1. Lose 25 pounds (shouldn’t be a surprise considering the holiday foods I ate:-) )
Haven’t lost a thing 😦

2.  Improve financial plan
Great strides thanks to insight from the financial planners at my church.

 3. Go to a Barrett-Jackson auction (I love the nostalgia of classic cars)
Due to #2 we’re focusing more on saving so our trips this year will be on a smaller scale.

 4. Travel to Puerto Rico
See update under #2.

 5. Go skiing and/or zip-lining
With summer upon us, this item will become a reality soon.

 6. Join a local writing group
I didn’t join a local group, but I have met several wonderful ladies online and off from the WFWA.

7.  Submit first manuscript
In working through the 2nd draft, I just wasn’t feeling the story anymore.  I decided to put it down and work on something else.

 8. Complete second book draft
In progress! And I’ve been fortunate to join a critique group that will help me iron out the wrinkles.

9.  Research book-to-movie/tv deals
This was a total eye-opener.  There is so much to this process I had no clue about.  My impression is that it’s best that studios come to you, but know your ish when they
do.  I may post about this later.

 10. Make this one of the best blogs on the internet
I’ve noticed more follows which is absolutely great.  But I’d love to hear your feedback.

Melanie V. Logan

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Happy New Year!!!  Glad you stopped by, and hope you’re enjoying the new digs.

This time of year is generally earmarked for resolutions and setting goals.  Some years I follow suit.  Others I take life as it comes.  This year I’m going with the former.

I found an interesting Writer’s Digest post, and decided to create a list of 10 resolutions for 2016.  The list consists of 5 personal items and 5 focused on writing.  Throughout the year, I’ll post about my progress. But for right now, I have goosebumps on all the wonderful things  to come.

These are in no particular order:

  1.  Lose 25 pounds (shouldn’t be a surprise considering the holiday foods I ate 🙂 )
  2.  Improve financial plan
  3.  Go to a Barrett-Jackson auction (I love the nostalgia of classic cars)
  4.  Travel to Puerto Rico
  5.  Go skiing and/or zip-lining
  6.  Join a local writing group
  7.  Submit first manuscript

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Write-a-Thin: Finishing the #Race, So How’d I Do???


Since the entry of 2016, the year has proven to be a busy one thus far.  From bad colds and tummy troubles to increased workload, it has been a challenge keeping up with everything.  But as one of my favorite authors would say,

quotestill I rise – Maya Angelou

Earlier I mentioned joining the WFWA’s Write-a-Thin project, so here’s my progress report.  I met my goal, but the more rewarding side was the encouragement and sometimes-comical comments from fellow writers.  Like me, others ran into “life” which caused setbacks to production.  But having the support system felt like having a person on the sidelines – handing out cups of water and cheering you on.

So where am I with the other 2016 goals?  I’m sure you’ve been on pins and needles to know (lol). Continue reading “Write-a-Thin: Finishing the #Race, So How’d I Do???”

Land of I Can’t


You’ve probably heard of the land of I Can’t.  It’s  near IwishIhadadone and on the other side of Wouldacouldashoulda.  The citizens of I Can’t are known to be frowned up, looking down on the inhabitants of the City of Dreams.  They often tell them what they can and can not do, should or should not accomplish.  There’s a lot of opinion in I Can’t – and most of it is on the negative side. Continue reading “Land of I Can’t”