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My book ideas come from dreams too.  Sometimes I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and jot down what hit me. And then it’s like the rest of the story unfolds throughout my waking hours.



At one point, three years ago, before I started this full time writing gig, someone asked me how I came up with ideas for what I write. It was a great question, but honestly, not one I could answer. I didn’t know where they came from other than a dream or two and I was pretty sure if I told anyone I “dreamed it” they would have thought me nuts.

Skip ahead three years and it’s obvious I am nuts so it’s okay if I “dreamed it”. Ha.

In reality, though, I don’t dream most of my novel ideas. They come to me in bits and parts and eventually gather together into somewhat of a cohesive whole.

Take my latest one. The origin of it comes from my own family history. My great-grandmother was kidnapped by her father who was a Pinkerton Detective when she was only 2 years old…

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Great minds think alike…or do they???

Image: Big Think
Image: Big Think

Have you ever had an idea or story that you felt was so unique that nobody else in the world could ever come up with the same thing? And then you see your idea on a store shelf or used as a storyline in a TV show or movie only to feel like somebody had to be looking inside your head.  What a bummer?

I keep a notebook for invention ideas and use other tools for story ideas, but I swear someone is peeking sometimes.   Sometimes it feels like a “doh!” moment, and other times a near crashing blow.  Regardless, I’m pressing on.  Eventually something will pan out.  🙂

Has this ever happened to you?  How did you feel about it?

Writing When You’re Tired, Bored, or in a Bad Mood

Wow! Excellent questions and ideas to help with writer’s block or angst. This will be very helpful.

The Book of J. M. Lord

If you’re like most writers, you’ve probably had days when you just can’t get in the mood to write. Perhaps it’s a case of severe writer’s block where you’re staring at a blank screen thanks to a lack of drive or motivation. Maybe you’re tired after a long day at work. Or you’re just disillusioned and in a cranky mood thanks to life’s frustrations dragging you down and making you miserable. I find that times like these can actually prove to be a fertile source of new writing ideas and inspiration if you channel your thoughts properly.

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Writer’s Block or Something Else???


Right now my brain feels as empty as the bubble above the lady’s head in the picture.   Well, maybe my head isn’t empty, per se.  🙂 I’m just having a moment of writer’s block.  I’ll have an idea and begin to write something, but it doesn’t make sense or there’s no where for me to go next.  I thought about just posting a collaboration of my illiterate ramblings, but don’t want to embarrass myself.

I will admit that there is a lot going on right now in my personal life, so it is possible that my brain is just overloaded to where it cannot connect the dots.  So, while I get over this issue of creativity I thought for the month of August I’d post tips about writer’s block from other wonderful authors and bloggers from WordPress.  Enjoy!


XOXO, Melanie Dawnn

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