Why I Write

Writing has been a part of my life since the days of amateur scribbling on wide-lined paper and super huge pencils.  Something about writing back then made me feel empowered.  Or maybe it just made me feel grown like the big kids.  Either way I liked it.

diary_w_lockMy first real experience writing about  my thoughts and feelings was around age 10.  I had seen a crimson red diary with a shiny gold lock and key in the local discount store.  I wanted it.  I never told my mother, but I suspected she knew when I’d traipse off to the school supply area and she’d find me there  starring at this little book.  Sure enough, for my 10th birthday I got the diary.  I immediately started writing about whatever was significant at the time (maybe cartoons or whatever teen celeb I had a crush on).  I was excited and made it my business to make sure that each date listed had an entry.   I wish I had that diary now.  Unfortunately it was lost when my family moved years ago.  It would be interesting to read about the things that seemed so important then. Continue reading “Why I Write”