TV & Movies Versus Literature

It’s so wonderful to know that the future and options for writers is limitless….well, as long as our imagination can still wander. 🙂

Elle Writes Fiction

TV & movies are just as important to being a good writer as literature. There I said it. Let the gods of writing come down and smite me, but I honestly believe this fact. As a writing major in a tiny liberal arts college, my Alma Mater didn’t offer as many fiction classes as I would have liked. To get my credits in, I branched into the communications department. I did scriptwriting, screenplays, plays, television writing; you name it, I’ve done it and I loved it.

Writers are not banished to a world of fiction or poetry, nonfiction or journalism. Writers and writing majors can do anything! (Yes, I’m still mostly unemployed but hear me out). Commercials, websites for businesses, television shows, movies, infomercials, reviews all of these had to be written. No, they’re not all glamorous but you can literally do anything with this degree. (My problem is my…

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How to Start Your Novel

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Writers In The Storm Blog

By Chuck Sambuchino

medium_2429133381One of the most common reasons why agents and editors stop reading sample pages is simply that the story starts too slow. Gone are the days when a book could “get good on page 12.” We also can no longer compare our writing to classic works or even books written 30 years ago that started slow and found marketplace success.

Today’s novels — especially debut novels — must grab readers from the first page, the first paragraph, even the first sentence.

Despite the fact that the importance of starting strong appears to be well known by most aspiring writers, people still have a hard time with it.

I was freelance editing a client’s first 15 pages last year and was dismayed to see that all 15 pages simply described a mystical woman walking across the desert heading for task at a faraway location. There was no…

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Is That a Reflection I See???

ImageThe last couple of months have been the most reflective for me when it comes to life and death.  No I’m contemplating suicide or anything like that.  I’ve had 3 classmates to pass away.  The first two within days of each other and the most recent this past week.  Each either didn’t  make it to 40 or barely did.

And then today as I drove to work, I sat at a traffic light for what seemed like forever.  It wasn’t an accident or construction, it was due to a lengthy funeral procession.  I wasn’t annoyed by the delay, just in awe.  There had to be at least 100-150 cars in the procession, with most having at least 2-3 people.  To me that’s a lot of love and respect being shown.  Whoever the individual was, they mattered and this made me stop to reflect on my life, legacy, and relationships.  Would there be a similar experience when I’m gone or will I be a temporary memory?  What difference have I made in this world or with others?  Have I really accomplished my goals? Continue reading “Is That a Reflection I See???”