The “Novelty” of Organization: Tools For Creative Planning

Candice, you must have read my mind.  I’ve been putting details of my stories in organized buckets, but put the timeline together has been a little muddled.  The spreadsheet you provided will be very helpful in this next year.  Thanks for sharing.

I came for the soup...


One of the delights of being a creative person comes with the birth of a new idea to be created. All of us are born with an innate “creative gene,” but many of us fall short in not only starting the actually manifestation process toward creation, but the completion of the creation once we’ve begun.

When it comes to writing a full length novel from start to finish, there are several things that tend to hold us back from completing our goal.

I am going to address one of the biggest and yet stealthy overlooked roadblocks, and that is lack of ORGANIZATION.

Let me add this disclaimer. I am not a person who uses conventional outlines for my stories (This isn’t even a blog posting about outlining). In fact, I am a Stream-of-consciousness writer. (Basically I have a vague and yet concise destination for the story, but I let my free-flowing imagination…

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